Mobile tank for diesel fuel DTD5

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Material – AISI304
Internal surface finish – 2B
External surface finish – 2M

Vessel V=5.3m3 D=1783mm Hcyl=2000
Manhole DN400 with flange and lid
Manhole DN600
Inlet for diesel fuel up to welding male and tap DN100
Orifice with tap G 2”
Orifice with tap G 1½”
Outlet for two-way relief valve G 2”
Stainless steel cladding on bottom and tank shell
Outlet for diesel fuel up to ball valve 1”
Ladder Н=1905mm
Orifice for eyepiece G 1”
Orifice for eyepiece G 1”
Profiles for lifting with a forklift L=1700мм
Total outlet up to ball valve 1”
Total outlet on the cladding up to ball valve and tap 1”
Two-way relief valve on the cladding
– Level measuring system with digital display
– Stainless steel box for the level measuring system
Option – Stainless steel fuel management system
– Pump
– Mechanical aluminium counter
– 6m tube and automatic diesel fuel nozzle
– Water filter
– Non-return valve
– Washable steel filter
– Stainless steel box
Option – WEB based monitoring system
– WEB based
– Up to 1000 users
– Stainless steel box 300х300х150mm

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