Tank type K20.8

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With slight transport damage,

Material AISI 304
Internal surface finish: 2R
External surface finish: 2R+2M (marbled)
Internal welding seams – strip grinded 2×20 Ra<1.6μm
External welding seams – strip grinded 2×20 Ra<1.6μm

TANK V=20.8m3 D=2200mm Hcyl=5250mm
– asymmetric conical lid
– cylindrical part H=5250mm;
– conical bottom 15° central cone;
– 4pcs. adjustable legs”
Socket for two-way relief valve RD78 FI58
Upper manhole DN500 art.50/1P ELICA
Profile for catwalk
Cleaning system with 1pc. static spray ball CB2-65.25 flow at 1 bar- 10m3/h for tank cleaning; 1pcs. static sprayball for upper manhole; and pipeline DN 50 up to welding union DIN11851
Overflow pipe line DN50 into the dome with welding male at the lower ,800mm measured from the floor
Clear outlet DN50 with welding male
Clear outlet DN50 with welding male DIN 11851 15° inclined and strengthened
Connection for temperature control with welding male and probe DIN DN20
Valve for sampling DN 20
Level indicator with acrylic pipe Н=5250 – connected to cylinder, the top is opened
Elliptical manhole art. A4 – 340/440 Laveggi – AISI 304L without arm / D tank > 1393mm / new
Laser-welded dimple jacket F=5.5m2 Н=1000mm, Inlet/Outlet G1”, Pmax=5bar, 1.4307/2B upper jacket with connection to the top
Serial connection for heat exchange jackets 1”
Drain for heat exchange jacket till tap – 1/2”
Total Outlet DN50 with welding male


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