Vinificator type BM-P

With volume range up to 25 m3, it ensures the necessary conditions for vinification process, for both – red and white wines. The vinificator allows producing of wine under pressure as well as following classical fermentation technology with sinking the hat. For its full functionality we have provided strain off device, heat-exchange jackets and а set with а pump, pipeline and sprinkling device which could Ье replaced with washing head. During fermentation under pressure formatting of stiff “hat” is prevented and natural mixing takes place caused bу the intensively liberating СО2, thus avoiding mechanical treatment on the must. The tank is equipped with programmable control type C02MATIC®, which regulates pressure, temperature and dosing of the necessary oxygen. It is possible to save all the parameters for any processes have been conducted and to repeat them, ог to transfer to save on an external memory (flash memory). The operator сап enter additional data for the implementing process (physical-chemical characteristics of the wine, date, time, etc.), which provides its complete information description. This vinificator could Ье used also as а storage tank.

Basic completion

• Upper manhole
• Pressure relief valve
• Heat exchange jacket
• Thermometer
• Dose unit for O2, –  oxygenator
• Inlet/Outlet
• Sample cock
• Manhole for total discharging
• Control panel
• Total outlet

Diameter Total height
m3 mm mm
BM-P8 1874 4250
 BM-P10 2024 4400
BM-P12 2194 4400
BM-P15 2359 4700
BM-P20 2674 4700
 BM-P25 2674 5700

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