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We are a recognized company producer of stainless steel equipment in food-, chemical- and pharma industries. The background of our success is our team of over 400 highly motivated employees, with who we realize project all around the globe. Our production facilities are placed on over 35000m², situated in three cities in Bulgaria. Our customers set the highest standards on the market and it is our responsibility to continuously adapt to them and to keep on developing ourselves.

Engineering and production

Significant experience and hours of professional’s knowledge are the base of every project.  Our successful formula combines:

  • Individual engineering and detailed quotation, which respond to the Customer’s aims and Process specifics.
  • Precise planning at all production stages, which guarantees on-the-agreed-date deliveries.
  • Even smallest technical details are discussed and agreed with the Customer.
  • Continuous quality control in the production processes and usage of materials with proved European origin from approved suppliers.
  • Independent Quality control by Customer’s officials or by notified bodies.

We work daily for improving our effectiveness in all aspects of our business, trough number of analyses.


Behind our brand TM INOX™ are number of companies with common management and team, united with a common target – supply of utmost good products and solutions for our Partners and Customers.

TM INOX EOOD (Ltd) – engineering-sales team with over 40 engineers in process design, construction design, sales and logistic departments, which are in close contact with the Customer and with Production structure.

TOMIKA-METAL AD (JSC) – the production base of all products branded with TM INOX™. Situated in two cities in Bulgaria, with total covered production area of 35 000m². Some of the state-of-the-art production technologies in the field are implemented in the processes. The company possess structures and procedures, constantly audited and approved by the world leading companies in food industry.

INOX CENTRE OOD (ltd) – the completely automated service center for supply of sheet stainless steel from coil.

Nerazdaema Armatura AD (Stainless Steel Armature JSC) – situated in town of Chirpan, is the base for mechanical treatment of components.

Our versed Partners and Representatives – part of our team, who ensure professional support away from the production center and close to Customer’s project.

Mission and Values

The products we create are with highest quality, that is why we never make a compromise with the quality.

Product diversity
Diversity is a synonym of our trade brand! We aim to understand the Customer’s needs, to propose unique product, completely corresponding to their specific needs.

We believe that the core of success of a good project is the passion, with which it was designed and produced. Same passion makes us to go forward, to implement innovations and to grow.

Team work
We do it as a team, so that we reach the most effective and functional solution.

Responsibility to Customer
We maintain close relation to the customer – that is how we know what is the most suitable solution that we can propose.x

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