Vladimir Minchev talks about his career in manufacturing at Tomika-Metal.

Frants Petrov talks about his career in manufacturing at Tomika-Metal.

Liana Kufarova talks about her career in the Technology department at Tomika Metal.


Ivan Unakov talks about his career in the Sales Department at TM INOX.

Miroslav Petkov talks about his career in the Design department at TM INOX.


TM Inox believes that the people are the potential needed for success.

That is why we aim to ensure opportunities for development in different directions, as sales, designing, production, quality control, planning, production organization others.
Out team consists of highly motivated and experienced professionals as well as enthusiastic young personal, which learn and grow in our structure.

Would you like to become a part of our team by starting a job or training season with us?
Please, send us your CV at hr@tomika-metal.bg;

Dipl. Eng. Petar Danailov, planning

To produce – is a jigsaw puzzle and solving the puzzle means to plan: I do not think I could get bored with my trials to solve it.

I work in the company since 2013. I brought my CV without any job position to be announced. They called me and I started in sales department. Anyway, when I was arriving it was clear for me that I would like to be involved in production process. Soon I received a task to follow up a complete project from the very production beginning up to the export. It consisted of above 60 sub-orders, I spent 6 months. Later I started to support the manager of one of the initial workshops creating daily and weekly plans. It was crazy running after the materials until I got the chance to look over the entire planning process of the factory. Then I could judge what when should happen.

This company gives chances for realization and growth. You can reach a lot!

Dipl. Eng. Nedialko Sariev, sales

It is a real pleasure to see a project, on which I have worked ready in production!

I work in TM INOX since 2013. I started as second year student. Studying and working simultaneously I got the best from both worlds – I was applying the theory on practice and vice versa. Every young specialist should try the advantages of such start – the development is so impetuously – you learn something new every day! In the beginning I passed an education program for students, which covers all production stages.
We create projects all around the world, we create equipment on which labels is written “Produced in Bulgaria”. I am proud of that!

Valentin Haralanov, sales department

There is a growth, I find a reason.

I work in the company for 4 years. All started with the university practice tours. We were visiting companies, TM INOX was one of them – it looked for me the right place to grow and develop myself. Biggest challenge was getting into the real business – in the university you do not get that preparation. Here we are allowed to find which is our place in this system! I started in the pre-assembly area, where I was helping. Most important is that I started to read the drawings. Now, in sales department, I am the first-line connection with the customer. Wy job is dynamic, changing and challenging. I think, that the management noted a potential in me and they started to engage me in more and more complex tasks – I hope that will continue. From a short term we work with a big customer, with which I believe we will grow. My motivation is the feeling that I and the company is being developed and growing!

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