Technological equipment for sheet treatment

Uncoiling line

  • Automated uncoiling, flattening, cutting and foiling of standard and non-standard sheets up to 6m length. Up to 12m with manual feeding.
  • Maximal sheet width – 1500mm
  • Maximal sheet thickness – 3mm
  • Capacity up to 40m/min
  • Shear accuracy up to ±0.3mm per linear meter
  • On-stock availabilities up to 700t stainless steel – AISI304 and AISI316 with European quality and origin

Technological equipment for laser cutting and engraving

We possess an in-house possibility for laser cutting and engraving, produced by TRUMPF

  • Maximal sheet thickness – 15mm
  • Sheet maximal sizes 6000mm x 2000mm
  • Possibility for 3D cutting of round and profiled tubes. Maximal length of 6000mm; max diameter 370mm, maximal weight 200kg

Machines for brushing and marbling, which allow us to reach the needed roughness and visual effect depending on the application and customer’s demands.

Systems for grinding of rotary details and assemblies, produced by Farros Grinding Systems (FGS)

  • Roughness up to 0.4 µm
  • Heads (dished, conical, flat) with maximal diameter 6000mm
  • Cylinders internal surface up to maximal diameter 6000mm; external surface – 2500mm

We possess machines for cutting and bending of details – Guillotine shears, Press brakes, Plate rolls, Angle rolls, Flanging machines.

Press brakes “Baykal”, CNC – control, 5-axes movement of the detail, 440t – pressing force, stainless steel thickness at nominal length 16mm, work length 3000mm.

Plate rollers (4rolls) – work length 2m and 3meter, capacity up to 16mm stainless steel

Conical Plate roller – specialized machine for bending cones, with length 2m and thickness 4mm, opening at the cone top D=70mm. Depending on the detail geometry the thickness could reach 6mm.


Flanging machines – equipment which allows us to flange the edges of conical and flat heads with thickness up to 12mm and maximal diameter of 5400mm. Also flat heads with rectangular or other shape with maximal thickness up to 3mm and maximal size of 3500mm x 1800mm.

Since 2017 we possess machine from ZENNA Laser Solutions for laser welded dimple jackets. The dimple jackets produced by the laser welding could be described as strong, reliable, uniform weld seams, various forms and contours. With those advantages they find a wide range of applications.

We also use machines for fully automatically welding of channel jackets MIG method. Maximal parameters: work length 12000 mm; Diameter 5000 mm; maximal weld speed 0.8m/min, simultaneous both sides of the channel.

More about laser welded jacket can find here.

 We use number of automated welding machines with different applications:

  • Longitudinal welding machines – Plazma method – for sheets up to 15mm
  • Longitudinal welding machines – TIG method – for sheets up to 4mm and work length up to 3000mm
  • Orbital welding machines – Plazma method – for sheets up to 10mm
  • Orbital welding machines – TIG method – for sheets up to 3mm
  • Orbital welding heads for welding pipe to pipe with diameters from 15mm to 273mm
  • Orbital welding heads for welding pipe to tubesheet with diameters from 25mm to 70mm

Quality & control

Our quality department is led by certified International welding engineers IWE, EWE and educated and certified specialists. The toolbox consists of tolls like:

  • Borescope MITCORP – up to 30m internal photographing ability
  • Roughness measurement MITUTOYO – wide range and scales
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement INNOVATEST – steel range 1mm to 225mm, precision 0.1mm, error +/- 0,1 mm.
  • Spectrometer BRUKER – Spectral method for material analysis

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