What is laser welded dimple element?

The element generally consist of two layers of stainless steel sheets automatically welded together by a laser source
Further the two layers will be inflated by high pressure till plastic deformation of at least one them
That deformation creates the place where the heat-exchange liquid runs
There are two general options for embossing - single or double

Why laser welding?

The most reliable as sheet penetration
The most efficient as speed
The most minimizing the heat influence in welded structure
It is hardly comparable with other usual welding methods
Incomparably high strength and durability of the welds

What are the advantages?

Possibility to spread the heat-exchange surface over the all possible apparatus surface
Cost-effective due to low welding costs
Thinner materials can be used, saving you on material costs
The welding pattern guarantees high turbulence and therefore creates high overall heat transfer coefficients. The heat-exchange fluid flows could be guided and shaped
By working with laser welding machines that are CNC-programmed, all desired shapes, recesses, fastening points and connections are possible
Applicable for gasses - steam, freons. Applicable for high work pressures up to 100bar

Who might be interested?

Food sector – equipment for dairies, beer, wine, beverages etc.
Refrigeration sector – equipment for, falling film water chillers, ice banks, immersion chillers etc.
Chemical industry – customized heat-exchange solutions

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