Bright beer tanks – BBT

Tanks for secondary fermentation and maturation of the beer, also known as BBT, are these where the beer is transferred after its initial fermentation process and separated from the hop yeasts in the CCT. BBT’s design consist torispherical top, cylindrical body and torispherical bottom. These are tanks working under pressure, insulated and equipped like CCT with cooling jacket, safety fittings, washing device and a manhole for inside access and also have hygienic design. BBT’s are special tanks intended only for the second phase of the beer fermentation process. During this phase the beer slowly ferments secondary at low temperature under pressure as it naturally saturates with carbon dioxide which is formed from remaining activity of the hop yeasts. This phase is also called maturation of the beer. It is the longest stage of the beer manufacturing process where taste characteristics are formed. The continuance of the beer maturation process depends on the chosen recipe, temperature and set pressure in the tank.

Depending on the capacity of the brewery, these tanks can be manufacturing in various volumes and sizes, to be suitable for installation in any premises. This type of tanks can be installed outside buildings when needed or when capacity requires larger size, but with construction allowing the proper functioning under external atmospheric conditions.

Vessel design data
Working pressure: 3 barg
Working temperature: -2°C +30 °C
Internal surface finish (roughness): Ra < 0,8μm
Cooling jacket design data
Working pressure: 3 barg
Working temperature: -10°C +30 °C
Basic completion
Top/Side manways
Pressure and vacuum safety valve
CIP/CO2 pipeline with manometer and butterfly valve,
spray ball
Temperature control (option)
Cooling jackets (option)
Sample valve
Beer outlet with butterfly valve
Polyurethane insulation with welded cladding
Adjustable pipe legs


Volume Overall diameter Total height
Vmax, hl Dext, mm Hmax, mm
10.6 1100 2550
21.2 1300 3150
31.4 1300 4150
16.3 1400 2450
40.4 1400 4450
51.4 1550 4500
62.8 1550 5250
70.3 1550 5750
83 1750 5300
102.8 1750
126.6 2000
156.3 2150
202.7 2150
256.9 2350

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