Cylindro-conical fermentation tanks – CCT

The cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks (CCT) are these tanks in which the main alcohol fermentation and where the actual transformation of the worth into beer is happening. This happens with the help of the hop yeasts. The construction of the tanks gives their name. Usually those are tanks with torispherical top, cylindrical body and conical bottom with acute angle at the top. They are usually insulated, with cooling jackets over the cylindrical body and the bottom. In most cases these tanks work under pressure and therefore they’re equipped with safety fittings. Their standard equipment also includes a washing device and a manhole for inside access. This construction of the tanks and its hygienic design allows beer fermentation to be completed without accessing the external environment and prevents eventual hop yeasts pollution with unwanted strains. At first fermentation proceeds tempestuously, separating big amount of carbon dioxide and heat. With the safety armature the carbon dioxide is regulated to the needed amount. The cooling jackets are used to control the temperature of the beer fermentation and keep it in the levels wanted from the brewer. The special tank bottoms’ design helps collecting the residues of the hop yeasts and separating them from the beer.

Depending on the capacity and the needs of the brewery, the CCT can be manufactured in various volumes and sizes, as long as it is kept the main geometry of the CCT. These tanks can be also installed inside and outside buildings when needed or when capacity requires larger size. The construction for outside installation allows proper functioning under external atmospheric conditions.

he same time we can cover all the industrial requirements for durability and effectiveness.

Vessel design data
Working pressure: 3 barg
Working temperature: -2°C +30 °C
Internal surface finish (roughness): Ra < 0,8m
Cooling jacket design data
Working pressure: 3 barg
Working temperature: -10°C +30 °C
Basic completion
Top/Side manways
Pressure and vacuum safety valve CIP/CO2 pipeline with manometer and butterfly valve, spray ball, bunging valve
Temperature control
Cooling jackets
Sample valve
Beer outlet with butterfly valve
Yeast outlet with butterfly valve
Polyurethane insulation with welded cladding
Adjustable pipe legs


Volume Working Volume Overall diameter Total height
Vmax, hl V, hl
Dext, mm Hmax, mm
13 10
1100 3100
21 16
1400 3200
25 20
1300 3850
32 25
1550 3650
38 31
1600 3900
51 40
1600 4650
63 50
1750 4800
74 60
2000 4600
80 70
2000 4850
100 80
120 100
158 126
195 156
251 201

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