Distillers for essential oils are tanks with periodic action that works at atmospheric pressure. In this type of equipment is conducted the so-called simple distillation – a mass transfer process in which the extraction of certain components is realized by a single evaporation of various raw materials (liquid or solid). Their operation consists in maintaining of a constant flow of distillation. The distiller is a cylindrical vessel with a movable lid and a fixed bottom. The lid of the distiller has a conical shape and a cylindrical part. The bottom of the distiller is also conical, permanently attached to the cylindrical body of the distiller. The volume and capacity of the other technological equipment in the distillery depend on the volume and number of distillers.

Basic equipment:

  • Manhole at tank top
  • Water/waste distillate
  • Grid supports for raw materials grid
  • Raw materials grid, complete with chains and shackles
  • Direct steam inlet with bubbler
  • Indirect steam inlet with coil
  • Condensing unit
  • Total outlet with gate valve
  • Insulation with rock wool and riveted stainless steel cladding
  • Depending on the mounting type, it can be on tubular legs or on mounting supports (for mounting on reinforced concrete structures).

Basic volumes:

1. Distillation unit DU-5.5
Vsteam distillation=5.5m3
Vwater-steam distillation=3.1m3
D=1900mm Dins=2080mm

2. Distillation unit DU-3
Vsteam distillation=3m3
Vwater-steam distillation=1.7m3
D=1610mm Dins=1790mm

3. Distillation unit DU-1.5
Vsteam distillation=1.5m3
Vwater-steam distillation=0.8m3
D=1250mm Dins=1430mm


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