Fermenter type WF3.5

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Material – АISI 304
Internal surface finish – 2B
External surface finish- 2M
Internal welding seams – Strip grinded 2х20
External welding seams – Strip grinded2х20

Tank V=3.5m3 D=1300mm Hcyl=2500mm
Upper manhole DN300
Two-way relief valve DN50 30 m3/h
Level indicator with acryl pipe – connected with tank shell and upper manhole
Grip for ladder
“Laser welded heat-exchange jacket F=3m2
Н=750mm / Inlet/Outlet G1” / Pmax=5bar / Tmax=50°C”
Sampling valve DN15
Analog thermometer G1/2″
Orifice for thermowell G1/2”
Grip for entering
Elliptical manhole 310x445mm
Inlet/Outlet DN50 up to butterfly valve and tap
Total outlet DN50 up to butterfly valve and tap
Transport frame type “A” – Wooden saddles, lifting from above

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