Lauter (filter) tun

Lauter(Filter) Tun is the most widely employed wort separation vessel system. This is a vessel for separating the wort from the solids of the mash. A Lauter tun works much like a large sieve. It has rotating rake arms with a central drive unit. Cutting blades hang from these arms. The blade is usually wavy and has a plough-like foot. Each blade has its own path around the Lauter tun and the whole rake assembly can be raised and lowered. It also has a slotted, perforated floor, also called a false bottom, which holds the spent milled grains, while allowing the wort to filter through the grain bed and to be collected in the brew kettle. For more complete extraction of the sugars from the grain usually in the Lauter tun is conducted sparging of the grain with trickling water through the grain.

Main Equipment (complement):

• Upper manhole DN 600
• Inlet/outlet up to ball valve
• Recirculation pipeline with sight glass
• Rotational cleaning device
• Vapour outlet DN 200 with condense separator
• Thermoprobe
• Rotating rake arms with cutting blades
• Malt discharge outlet up to flange DN 200
• Thermoinsulation with mineral wool


Volume Diameter Total height
hl mm mm
12 1200 2400
17 1500 2300
30 1900 2400
37 1900 2700
45 2100 2700
56 2450 2600
100 3000 2900

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