Mobile CIP unit (cleaning In Place)

The mobile unit for Cleaning In Place (CIP) is equally applicable for small ang big wineries. It gives possibilities for preparation of the cleaning solvents needed for cleaning in place of your tanks or pipelines. It is equipped with electrical heating and centrifugal pump, controlled by a control panel. The unit is independent and easily movable.

Basic completion:

Upper manholes
Air vents
Level indicators
Nozzle for thermoprobe
Electrical Heater
Centrifugal Pump
Troley with wheels
Control panel


2 х 0.15м3, Ppump=3kW Pheater = 6 kW

2 x 0.3m3 Ppump=3kW Pheater = 6 kW

2 x 0.5m3 Ppump=3kW Pheater = 9 kW

2 x 0.8m3 Ppump=3kW Pheater = 9 kW

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