Vinificator type BC2

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Material – АISI 304
Internal surface finish – 2B
External surface finish- 2J
Internal welding seams – Strip grinded 2х20
External welding seams – Strip grinded2х20

Vessel V=2m3 D1=1000mm D2=1350mm Hcyl=1500mm a=83º
Upper manhole DN600
Two-way relief valve DN50 30 m3/h
Orifice for thermowell G1/2”
Sampling valve DN15
“Laser welded heat-exchange jacket F=2.1m2
Н=1250mm / Inlet/Outlet G1” / Pmax=5bar / Tmax=50°C”
Inlet/Outlet DN50 up to ball valve Veneta Acciai and tap
Decanting elbow
Rectangular manhole vertically mounted 406х530mm
Dismountable false bottom
Total outlet DN50 up to ball valve Veneta Acciai and tap
Transport frame type “B” for forklift handling

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