At the end of the boil, solid particles in the hopped wort are separated out, usually in a vessel called a “whirlpool” or “settling tank”. The whirlpool was devised to force the denser solids known as “trub” (coagulated proteins, vegetable matter from hops) into a cone in the centre of the whirlpool tank. The principle is that by swirling the wort through tangentional inlet the centripetal force will push the trub into a cone at the centre of the bottom of the tank, where it can be easily removed. Along with this the wort is pumped through heat exchanger for cooling down to temperature suitable for fermentation.


Main Equipment (complement):

• CIP pipeline
• Level sensor
• Connection pipeline with ball valve
• Tangentional inlet on cylindrical part
• Total outlet


Volume Diameter Total height
hl mm mm
8 1000 2500
18 1500 2500
26 1750 2600
30 1900 2600
36 2100 2600
50 2200 2800
80 2300
108 3000
205 3700

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