Vinificator type BM-P

Fermentation under pressure – this is a new approach to the process. The method complements the typical capabilities and has significant advantages for red and white wines: Flavours during fermentation are retained in the slurry or liquid; the amount of the needed oxygen (O2) can be very precisely dosed; the fermentation slurry is mixed or the lees are lifted (batonnage) with a completely natural approach and in the whole volume of the vessel; there are real conditions for fine-tuning of the extraction during fermentation through the oenologist’s approach to the working pressure; In addition for red wines, during the primary fermentation, the formation of a dry cap is avoided and maceration with CO2 can be done. This method could be applied to almost all models of vinificators and fermenters.

Basic completion

• Service manhole
• Safety valve
• Control pressure valve
• Fill manhole
• Sample cock
• Rotary system for pour-over the “hat”
– Pour-over piping
– Sprinkler
• Strain-off grid
• Thermodrill
• Thermometer
Control panel
Dose unit for O2 – oxygenator
Heat exchange jacket
Manhole for total discharge
Total outlet


Volume Diameter Total height
m3 mm mm
BM-P5 1592 3600
BM-P8.5 1874 4200
 BM-P10 2024 4200
BM-P15 2359 4700
BM-P20 2400 5700
BM-P20 2674 4800*
 BM-P25 2674 5800*
BM-P30 3056


*Option for mechanized discharge


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