Vinificator type ОТ

The OT (Opened Top) vinificators are vessels for the fermentation of red wines and storage of wines. For the rapid fermentation of red wines are provided conditions for practical unloading from the flat sloped bottom, temperature control through heat exchange jackets, draining the liquid and the possibility of complete wetting of the cap. The open construction allows the use of these vessels in a group and with a common system for semi-automated pneumatic immersion from a work platform. As storage containers, these tanks are extremely practical for any wine cellar. Through the lid floating on the liquid, the level of wine for storage is always “up to the top” in any quantity. It is sealed with a hygienic silicone pneumatic seal.

Basic completion

• Floating lid
• Pulley for floating lid
• Two-way relief valve
• Orifice for thermodrill
• Pump with manometer
• Level indicator
• Ladder grip
• Heatexchange jacket
• Thermometer
• Sample valve
• Rectangular manhole
• Inlet/Outlet
• Total outlet

Volume Diameter Total height
m3 mm mm
OT 1 950 2530
OT 2
1330 2530
OT 3
1330 3280
OT 4
1435 3530
OT 5
1610 3530
OT 6
1610 4030
OT 7
1760 4030
OT 8
1850 4030
OT 9
2005 4030
OT 10 2105 4030

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