Vinificator type RV

The rotary fermenter is equipped with its own drive and automation. The processes of cooling, mixing, CO2 exhausting, draining and unloading are controlled. This fermenter is suitable for larger-scale wine production due to the high degree of automation and shortened fermentation times.

Basic completion

• System of reversive rotation
• Spiral screw for agitating and discharging of rape
• Upper manhole
• Valve for releasing of the fermentational gases
• Heat exchange jacket
• Thermometer
• Manhole for discharging the rape
• Support frame
• Sample cock
• Strainer
• Inlet /Outlet
• Control panel for manual or automatic adjustment of the values

Volume Diameter Total length Total height
m3 mm mm mm
RV 5 1500 3700 2070
RV 15 2194 5150 2800
RV 20 2194 6400 2800
RV 35 2846 6900 3550

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