Main applications:

Professional simulation of the brewing processes in a small scale
Suitable for professional brewers, who aim to design their new products and to create their new receipts
Professional production of short series of craft (high value) beer
Suitable for institutes, universities, schools, professional courses and other professional organizations with scientific or educational purpose
Suitable for all that can praise with its own Craft Art

Main advantages:


Professional unit with
proven technological
design and
technical parameters


Produced in Bulgaria,
by a specialized
in the brewery
business company


of the used


Guarantee and
service by the
company producer

Brewing with MyCraft Brewery MC

This installation is created with integrated independent processes control, via comfortable touch-screen controller. The system will guide you through setting the parameters for the four main processes.



Mashing is a process of transferring the malt-containing ingredients into sugars, amino acids and other important ingredients. The system is designed to recreate the technological requirements of the professional brewing in a small scale, without functionality losses. The step-mashing could be programmed by the user in wide ranges and combinations of temperature and a hold time.



At the end of the mashing process MyCraft Brewery MC informs with a sound signal. The filtration or the separation of the hard particles from the brew wort, is done by the operator with simple lifting and attaching of the internal cylinder-sieve. At the end of the separation additional sparging could be applied with hot water. The aim is that water to extract the maximum from the brew batch.



After filtration the boiling process of the wort is started. The targets of boiling are connected with increasing of the concentration, sterilizing, hopping, increasing of the color intensity, decreasing of the Ph. The process control gives a possibility to be set in several steps, so that hops to be added depending on the receipt.



Immediately after boiling process is finished the optional cooling element could be started. After cooling and lies separation the wort is ready to be sowed with yeast.



Alcohol fermentation is the main process in which sugars from the wort are transformed into alcohol. The fermentation is performed with a proper temperature and duration. After all stages of fermentation, the beer is ready for consumption.


Technical data:


Model Volume, [l] Installed power, [W] Voltage, [V] Dimension AxBxH, [mm]
MyCraft Brewery – MC50 50 3200 230 550x550x800
MyCraft Brewery – MC250 250 9400 380 800x1160x2300

Tanks for fermentation

The fermentation equipment from the series of MyCraft Brewery MC is designed and produced in a way to cover the standards in the industry. Also optimized production processes are implemented, so that it is an achievable investment in the craft brewery business.  Various standardized volumes are possible starting from 50liter. The optional external laser-welded heat exchange jacket gives an opportunity for attachment to external cooling unit.

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